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Stand Number: D700
fielddrive is an innovative and award-winning event technology company that offers tailored-made solutions for registration, check-in, live badging, attendee tracking and lead retrieval which can be implemented at your event.

Fielddrive in partnership with Zenus biometrics is the first event-tech company which uses the facial recognition technology for secure and expedited attendee check-in. Fielddrive’s self-registration kiosks provide a fast and seamless solution for attendees to register, check-in, and print their customized badge. Fielddrive’s full-size registration kiosks can service up to 500 people per hour.

Based in Belgium, fielddrive serves many large corporate companies around the world for their conferences, meetings and events.

2018 World Tech Watch Award, IBTM World
2018 De Bertjes International-Scale Entrepreneur
2018 Event Tech Live the Best Technology Partnership Award
2016 Event Tech Live the Best Event Management Technology
Countries of operation
United Kingdom
United States
Product Categories
Technology Provider
Technology Provider - Registration
Technology Provider - Software/Online Solutions

Contact Details

Pascal Lagadec
Mechelsesteenweg 303 Willebroek (Brussels North) 2830


Press Releases

fielddrive launches FaceDrive: fielddrive boosts attendee engagement with face recognition

After successfully pioneering facial recognition for event check-in, fielddrive is now taking its technology to the next level. Welcome to FaceDrive: a new and enhanced way to personalize attendee experience.

Imagine walking up to a screen where a message greets you by name and provides you with info about your agenda, your upcoming session and details on the speaker.

Imagine the nearest tradeshow display inviting you to the Nikon Booth to get a sneak peek of the brand new Nikon Z7 camera, based on your profile and preferences.

Imagine how, as an event organizer, this new level of engagement can create a truly relevant experience for your attendees, paving the way for monetized opportunities.

Using facial recognition to trigger targeted digital content is the next big trend... and, once again, fielddrive is leading the way in introducing this tech at live events.

Get an exclusive sneak preview of FaceDrive at IMEX stand #D700 on a full size LED wall and new transparent LED displays. We look forward to welcoming you to the future.

Our cutting edge journey

With over 40 years’ combined experience in the events industry, the pioneering team at fielddrive was the first to adapt facial recognition technology for our market. In 2017, we piloted our kiosks with up to 500 attendees,end of 2017 and with unanimously positive feedback, we then took the leap to larger events. To date, we’ve implemented our facial recognition check-in successfully at over 30 events, the largest of which was over 11.107 delegates or 68% opt-in.

fielddrive understands facial recognition and utilises the latest technology like no other, now ensuring check-in as fast as 6 seconds. Our products and services are tailored to you, fully GDPR-compliant and compatible with more than 140 of the leading registration and association management platforms.

About fielddrive

Winner of multiple awards, Belgium family company fielddrive successfully provides innovative on-site attendee management across the globe. Our services include super-fast facial recognition check-in, real-time, fully customized badging, data integration and track & trace, all of which can be securely implemented at your event, tradeshow, conference or exhibition; no matter where, no matter how big or small.

Our aim is to save you time, stress, costs and staff, and provide the ‘wow’ factor.

Want to know more?

Come and meet our friendly team at IMEX stand #D700 or contact us at:

For more information or PR materials, please contact

Visit our website:
Follow our social media:


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19th April 2019


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