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Stand Number: F250
Visit Lahti Finland - Lahti Region Ltd
Visit Lahti - Finnish Lakeland DMC

Lahti - located only 50 Minute drive from Helsinki Airport, is the most easily accessible Lakeland destination and best suited for incentive groups up to 100 persons, associations of up to 1,000 and groups wishing to experience Finnish lake nature combined with high-class congress & meeting facilities.

The city offers a wide range of opportunities for organizing meetings, exhibitions, conferences and full-scale international events. Unique Sibelius Hall - the modern wooden architecture is combined with the old industrial history. The Lahti Exhibition Centre within walking distance from the Isku Arena Ice Hall and Lahti Sports Centre offer a spectacular venue for large scale events. For corporate events we are happy to offer several high-class lake shore resorts.

Lahti region & Finnish Lakeland offers a wide range of accommodation (lakeside villas, cabins, manors, hotels), unique natural and cultural activities and sights to combine with your business event. All Year Around.

Visit Lahti | Lahti Region Ltd is regional sales organization and full-service DMC, providing all hospitality and tourism services - our team is ready to help you whether you are Iooking for high-class meeting facilities, nature related incentive tours, sport, team buildning or educational programmes.
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Tiina Kallio
Salpausselänkatu 7 Lahti 15110



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Press Releases

Lahti makes the finals in the 2021 European Green Capital Award competition

Lahti is one of the three finalists in the competition, which is arranged by the European Commission. The expert jury rated Lahti among the leading environmental cities in Europe.

Other shortlisted cities include Strasbourg and Lille. In the European Green Capital Award (EGCA) competition, cities are selected for the finals on the basis of twelve themes indicated in the application. The themes describe the state of the environment, progress with environmental issues and future plans. Lahti was top rated in four indicator areas: air quality, waste, green growth and governance. A total of nine cities from Europe participated in the competition.

Lahti offers environmental solutions to other cities

Lahti's strength in the European Green Capital competition is its ability to produce applicable environmental solutions for other cities and various conditions. Lahti's innovations in circular economy, good examples in water conservation, and participatory master planning process are solutions that can be easily used elsewhere. Lahti's services and solutions enable a carbon neutral lifestyle.

-"Choosing Lahti would be very important regionally, nationally and internationally, as Finland has never had a European Green Capital. I believe that Lahti would implement the idea of the European Green Capital in an excellent way and support its ambitious goals", says Mayor Pekka Timonen.

Lahti has made a major energy transformation and stopped using coal on 1 April 2019. Lahti is spending approximately EUR 180 million on an environmentally friendly bioenergy plant. The city is also implementing personal carbon trading for citizens' mobility as the first city in

the world in the autumn of 2019.
Pioneering city in environmental activities

In the competition, Lahti has profiled itself as an internationally attractive environmental city. Lahti was also a finalist in the 2020 European Green Capital Award competition last spring, along with Lisbon and Gent. Success in the competition helps Lahti attract international and EU funding and open up cooperation opportunities that benefit companies and institutes of higher education in the area.

Next, the finalists will present the jury with an operational and communications plan for 2021. The winner will be announced at an award ceremony in Oslo on 20 June 2019. The winner will be awarded monetary price of EUR 350,000. Previous winners include Lisbon, Oslo, Essen, Bristol and Ljubljana.

Further information:
Mayor Pekka Timonen, tel. +358 50 337 4386

Environmental Director Saara Vauramo, tel. +358 44 716 1585


Finland Stand F250 | Head of MICE, Sport and educational travel Tiina Kallio, tel. +350 40 1596448

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9th May 2019

The age of coal is over in Lahti, Finland

The coal-fired Kymijärvi I power plant of Lahti Energy was closed down yesterday on Monday. Abandoning coal is one of the concrete measures that Lahti is taking as Finland’s leading environmental city.

Lahti is now heated with recycled fuel and, starting from the autumn, also with local, certified wood. Lahti is implementing the objectives of the Finnish Government Programme, Nordic countries and the EU about ten years ahead of schedule. Coal ships going to and from the harbour will become a thing of the past, and the cash flow – more than EUR 10 million per year – will turn to the local area.

- “Tackling climate change requires decisions and actions. Lahti is spending approximately EUR 180 million on an environmentally friendly bioenergy plant. We are delighted to be able to lead the way towards carbon neutral urban life. The strong environmental expertise of Lahti is now being used at every stage of energy production. We want to strengthen the circular economy further”, promises Mayor Pekka Timonen.

- “Closing down the coal plant brings us a big step closer to carbon neutral production. Our energy transformation is still continuing with additional investments in emission-free and decentralized energy production and energy efficiency measures, says Eero Seesvaara, CEO of Lahti Energy.

Carbon dioxide emissions of the city reduced to a fraction

The decommissioned Kymijärvi I was introduced to commercial use in 1976 and was the first of the Kymijärvi power plants. In addition to electricity production, the plant was used to handle the energy needs of district heating in Lahti until the 2000s. The closing down of the coal plant will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of Lahti Energy by some 600,000 tonnes per year, or to 20% of the 1990 level. That is the equivalent of the annual emissions of 60,000 Finns.

After the decommissioning of the old power plant, coal will only be used going forward in the event of possible disruptions, such as if the availability of fuel is compromised.

Construction work of the most environmentally friendly bioenergy plant in Finland nearing completion

The energy transformation is made possible by the Kymijärvi III bioheat plant, whose construction work is in the final stages. The testing and commissioning of the plant will begin next summer. In the 2019–2020 heating season, the new plant will already bear the responsibility for district heating production together with Kymijärvi II.

The new heating plant is fuelled by sustainable, certified wood: logging residue chips and byproduct of the forest industry. Kymijärvi III will be the most environmentally friendly bioenergy plant in Finland. The nutrients in the fuel will recycled back into the forests as granulated ash. The plant is almost self-sufficient in terms of water, taking the process water it needs mainly from the fuel. The small amount of coolant generated in the energy production will be purified to be even cleaner than drinking water before being released into Lake Vesijärvi.

The plant will produce around 80 new permanent jobs in wood harvesting and transport.

In heat production, fossil natural gas, oil and coal have already been replaced for many years by renewable biofuel and recycled fuel. The Kymijärvi II power plant, introduced in 2012, generates energy from waste that is unsuitable for material recycling but is highly combustible. Lahti Energy’s electricity production will also become almost emission-free in 2020.

Lahti is applying for the European Green Capital Award

Lahti has entered the 2021 European Green Capital Award (EGCA) competition. Organised by the European Commission, the competition compares the sustainable development activities and future environmental goals of cities. Lahti’s environmental strengths include long-term investment in water conservation, waste management and the circular economy. Lahti is home to plenty of new environmental innovation in cooperation with companies, universities, students and residents.

The finalist cities will be announced in April and the winner in June 2019. Lahti reached the finals in the 2019 and 2020 European Green Capital Award competitions.

Further information:
Mayor Pekka Timonen, tel. +358 50 337 4386

Lahti Energia’s CEO Eero Seesvaara, tel. +358 44 751 7221


Finland Stand F250 | Head of MICE, Sport and educational travel Tiina Kallio, tel. +350 40 1596448

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9th May 2019


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