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Convention Bureau Italia
Convention Bureau Italia arose in June 2014 and is now the benchmark for everyone waiting to organise an event in Italy. CBItalia operates with the full support of Tourism and Meeting Industry Associations and includes all main Italian local CBs, tourist boards and many private companies. Through its network of approximately 2000 companies, CBItalia represents the Italian spirit and culture and promotes Italy as the best MICE destination.

For this reason CBItalia launched Italy at Hand, the Event a brand new unconventional event, dedicated to International event organisers and Italian suppliers. Taking place every year in a different destination, Italy at Hand combines business meetings and fun and interactive activities, all of them set in spectacular locations. A real celebration of the Italian meetings industry, to let participants touch the real and genuine Italy.
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Tobia Salvadori
Piazza Adua 1 Firenze


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Enrolment is open for Italy at Hand, The Event – the most interractive MICE event ever.

Italy at Hand, The Event – Convention Bureau Italia's signature event is in Rome from 7th to 9th November 2019 for its second edition.

Firenze, 2nd May 2019 - Convention Bureau Italia is preparing to host its main event, Italy at Hand – The Event, in Rome from 7th to 9th November. For this second edition of the MICE event entirely made in Italy we will follow last year's winning format: a meeting between 45 international Buyers and 35 Italian suppliers for three days of unconventional business in perfect Italian style. The singularity of the event is its format, it takes place every year in a different destination and thus provides the most important decision makers of the International Meetings industry with an opportunity to get to know the authentic Italy.

The buyers present at the event will have the opportunity to have the best of Rome at their fingertips. They will discover prestigious locations, meet some of the best professionals of the Italian meetings industry while using the time between business appointments for intense networking and interractive activities connected to to the key concepts of Italy at Hand typical of the culture of the bel paese.

Many buyers have already expressed their desire to take part in the preselection to participate as Hosted Buyers at Italy at Hand, the Event, in Rome from 7th to 9th November.

Italy at Hand is not only a business event which takes place in Italy, it is also the first experience of business integrated with interractive and unconventional activities typical of Italian style.

The Roman edition will be an opportunity to create a full immersion in the authentic Italy, the Italy to be discovered in all its many facets, the Italy able to satisfy all the demands of the market with an offer which is always modern and is still capable of surprising by its continuous innovation. The Eternal City lends itself perfectly as the setting for Italy at Hand – The Event, the first b2b event where the buyer becomes protagonist and can reach out and touch the full potential of Italy.

An Italy made up of famous Destinations rich in the beauty of culture and landscapes, of cities with an undying allure, all perfect for hosting great international events. But there is also an Italy made up of little known routes, of ancient traditions and immortal history, an Italy brought within your grasp thanks to the presence of suppliers who perfectly represent every corner of the country.

Rome, together with the Convention Bureau Roma & Lazio already has in store exclusive locations and partners of exceptional quality who will keep intact all the innovative energy of the CBItalia format.

Tobia Salvadori, Strategic Relations at Convention Bureau Italia says, «We are preparing the second edition of Italy at Hand with all our usual enthusiam for a challenge, we're ready to repeat and even double the huge success of last year: 888 business meetings, the involvement of 24 strategic national and international partners, exceptional guests such as Ray Bloom and Oscar Farinetti.

To make it even more exciting there is the complexity of a destination like Rome which is so famous but which has many less well known aspects.

Our aim is to once again exceed expectations by creating an unforgettable event but above all to succeed in bringing the eternal city truly to hand, and to reveal its every facet.

Whoever comes to Italy at Hand does not come merely to a business event but to live for three days like an Italian, to eat Italian and to learn to do things the Italian way, to think like an Italian, to perceive the depth and the essence of the real, authentic Italy.»

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2nd May 2019


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