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Kongress- und Tagungszentrum FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen GmbH
For all events in the Stuttgart region, which consider accessibility an important issue, the conference and convention center FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen is the ideal location: Conveniently located, next to the A8, only a 10 minutes ride from Stuttgart International Airport or the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, it’s easily accessible via car or public transportation. The multifunctional, Green Globe certified FILDERHALLEE can host events with up to 1500 guests and is equipped with all modern event technology devices.To name just one of them, the wireless system with 1GB fibre internet connection allows stable connections for video conferences and hybrid conferences. The new building right next to the existing FILDERHALLLE, will increase the diversely usable space to more than 3000 square meters.

The emerging building will offer additional 400 square meters, which can be used as a whole or be divided into two or three multifunctional conference or break-out rooms. Still under construction, the new building will be ready for use from mid 2018 on. With large windows, reaching from floor to ceiling, visitors can enjoy the fantastic view into the green municipal park. As a full-service location, with a professional team of project managers, event technicians and an in-house catering, we can ensure that your event - no matter what type or size - will go off without hitches. For more information please visit
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Nils Jakoby
Bahnhofstr. 61 Leinfelden-Echterdingen 70771



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Press Releases

Step by step, Filderhalle is preparing for the future

Reconstruction and new catering offer provide a substantial boost to quality. The hall will be modernized and expanded to more than 3000 square meters.

The Filderhalle in Leinfelden is gearing up for a successful future: Since the beginning of 2017, the Filderhalle can offer organizers and guests in-house catering and thus has become a full-service partner. The second major step follows in May 2017 with the kick off for the conversion: The hall will be extensively modernized and enlarged by 400 to more than 3000 square meters. The enlargement makes a significant contribution to ensuring the hall is modern and sustainable.

The additional 400 square meters of multi-functional meeting space can be used flexibly - the entire hall can accommodate up to 450 people. The room can be optionally divided into 2 or 3 breakout rooms. Along with the large hall, which can hold up to 1000 people, the three studios and the small hall the Filderhalle offers for the future a perfect space for seminars, meetings, conventions and events from 10 to 1000 people. The attractive architecture was designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm HPP from Stuttgart. The light flooded rooms open on to a floor to ceiling window in the idyllic city park. The currently folding roof rounds off the new modern look, explains CEO Nils Jakoby. Of course, each room has modern technical facilities, Jakoby continues.

With close proximity to Stuttgart Airport, direct S-Bahn and underground connections and proximity to the A8 motorway Filderhalle is a professional and competent full-service partner for events, congresses, conferences and major events.

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27th March 2019

A success story from Stuttgart - The new full-service from the Filderhalle

In the south of the event metropolis of Stuttgart, near the airport, easily accessible either by car or by public transportation, the Filderhalle has taken a bold step: Since 1st January 2017 the chef Alexander Michel has been enriching in-house catering with his versatile team at Filderhalle.

The seasoned chef has found a new challenge in catering at Filderhalle. Michel relies uncompromisingly on fresh, local ingredients and a balanced diet. Especially in meeting and convention catering he is often confronted with logistical challenges, but he masters these with flying colours.

In addition to newly imagined classics and his experimentation the chef's cuisine at the Filderhalle is also happy and very successfully in paying tribute to their homeland in his cuisine: The homemade ravioli are enjoying the greatest popularity.

The private kitchen was a bold move at the event location, but the results are proof of its success. The catering crowns the successful concept of Filderhalle. Short communication and preparation routes, first class service and an experienced team ensure smooth working, all-round events and fresh cuisine.

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27th March 2019

Hybrid Events 4.0 - FILDERHALLE Event sites

The FILDERHALLE in Leinfelden has expanded the range of services for event organisors with additional digital services for hybrid events.

The trend towards hybrid events remains stable. Since several years event organisors can implement with technical support hybrid conference at the FILDERHALLE. In a hybrid Congress participants can receive via their own smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops all relevant information on the congress and they can participate in the event interactively, for example, in surveys or polls. Through a hybrid congress the participation of people from around the world is possible. For example, a participant from Hong Kong can at the same time from his home office, as well as being a participant in the FILDERHALLE in Stuttgart, can convey live his feedback to the organizer. In addition, the external participants can follow the event via the Internet, thanks to so-called "live streaming video".

Since 1.1.2017 the FILDERHALLE has been offering in addition to technical support the creation of responsive websites customized for the event, - the FILDERHALLE event sites. These event websites are designed in the corporate design of the customer and adjusted in their depiction to any mobile device output. All functions required for the hybrid congress, such as the voting tool or the live streaming are directly integrated into the site. The benefits of a responsive event website over an event app, are usually a cost savings in programming and a better user-friendliness, since no app must be installed. In addition, each participant can use the digital services because there are no restrictions because of the various operating systems of smartphones and tablets.

A novelty of FILDERHALLE Event sites are the integrated e-commerce services. Participants in this way are given the option to book event-specific services such as catering menus, tickets, hotel accommodation or other products before or during the event. All services can be booked either free of charge or at a fee. The available quotas are always displayed in real time. In cooperation with popular payment service providers such as VISA or PayPal a smooth and safe sales process is guaranteed. Classic applications are, for example, offering special dishes, such as a vegan buffet, or the booking of workshops with a limited number of participants.

Data security is ensured by the hosting of the event sites on certified servers in Germany and by the option that every congress participants can log in with an individual password to the FILDERHALLE Event Site.

Conclusion: organizers can adapt in an individual and short-term way the FILDERHALLE Event sites to the needs of the participants. This increases participant satisfaction. The FILDERHALLE event sites offer additional income opportunities to recoup the cost of events. In addition, the organizers reduce their cost through the digitization of the necessary steps for the realization of the event.

About the meeting and convention centre Filderhalle

The Filderhalle of the congress and exhibition city Leinfelden-Echterdingen is the ideal location in the Stuttgart region for all events where accessibility is an important criterion: Located conveniently on the A8, close to Stuttgart International Airport and the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, the conference and convention centre is also optimally accessible with public transport. The Green Globe certified Filderhalle offers a flexible space programme for events for up to 1,500 people and in-house, modern event technology. A special feature is the fixed wireless system with a 1GB fibre Internet connection, for example, which is suitable for video conferencing and hybrid conferences. As of the middle of 2018 more than 3,000 square meters will be variably divisible as meeting space. The total of 400 square meters of new space is divisible into two or three multifunctional conference rooms. Through the floor to ceiling windows, the visitor can look into the green city park. This can also be subdivided into break-out rooms.

A professional team of project managers, event technicians and chefs ensures the smooth running of your event of every type and size. Since the beginning of 2017, we have been offering our own catering service and thus have progressed to a full-service partner. More information can be found at:

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27th March 2019

Sustainability and regionality - FILDERHALLE is making a strong commitment to the future

Stuttgart, 18 January 2019. Since September, the FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen has been a member of the WIN Charter. The Economic Initiative Sustainability (WIN) is an initiative within the sustainability strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It was started in 2010 with the aim of bundling the experience and knowledge of sustainably committed companies and promoting sustainable business.

Since 2012, the FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen has been tested for environmental activities and environmental compatibility and has been certified in accordance with the internationally recognized criteria of "Green Globe Certification". The certification was intended as the beginning of a development process for sustainability, which will now be further improved and continued by joining the WIN CHARTA as a regional sustainability management program.

By joining WIN CHARTA, FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen GmbH is committed to corporate responsibility for sustainability in the planning and execution of events as well as along the entire process chain. The topic of sustainability should be positioned in all divisions and business areas. Acting ecologically and economically responsibly, as well as the perception and commitment in the area of social responsibility, represents sustainability for FILDERHALLE. In addition to economy and ecology, the social aspect is the third pillar of sustainability.

One of the goals of the FILDERHALLE is to reduce the use of natural resources. The internal corporate communication should be largely paperless. But also at events an enormous consumption of paper arises. In order to reduce this paper consumption, a new digital information and signage concept was introduced successively in the FILDERHALLE during the course of the year. In each case a monitor is installed on each hall door as well as monitors in the foyer and bar area. In addition, mobile stations will be set up, which can be positioned at central locations in line with the respective event. This allows you to centrally control up to 25 monitors from one location, which can be individually recorded with different themes. Thus, FILDERHALLE not only offers an improved information system for events, but also a modernized flow of information that minimizes or completely reduces the printing of signage, menu cards and other paper.

Catering - Regional purchasing and waste prevention

The greatest potential for change is in the catering sector. The focus here is to be placed on seasonal and, above all, regional purchasing food and beverages. The aim should be to offer a consistent range of regionally produced - and - where possible - bio-based products.

Some resource and waste-saving measures are already being implemented, such as the abolition of portioned milk in plastic packaging. To comply with the hygiene and HACCP regulations, it invests in self-cooling milk taps. Coffee is also already being purchased through suppliers offering 100% organic and 100% fair trade coffee.

Despite digitization - conscious use of energy resources in the FILDERHALLE

Thanks to the well-developed WLAN, the FILDERHALLE is already a competent partner for hybrid congresses. As a result, FILDERHALLE enables its customers to hold events that do not necessarily require all participants to be physically present.

But also in everyday life, care is taken to protect the environment. The computers are set to automatically switch to stand-by mode after 10 minutes and the monitor turns off. After work, the PC and monitors are completely switched off. The hall lighting will gradually be completely converted to LED and in the medium term there should be parking spaces in the hotel's own underground car park for the charging of electric vehicles.

Investments that are worthwhile

What sounds like an easy-to-implement goal often becomes an organizational and financial challenge in everyday life. Many of the measures described, such as the conversion of the hall lighting to LED, the introduction of a digital routing system or the purchase of self-cooling milk taps are associated with high costs. Added to this is the high level of training required by our own employees and the restructuring of work steps in order to implement the many measures consistently and on a long-term basis. Nils Jakoby, Managing Director of FILDERHALLE, is aware that the path to the future requires a lot of work and investment. Acting ecologically and economically responsibly, as well as the perception and commitment in the area of social responsibility, represents sustainability for FILDERHALLE. That's the path we want to pursue together with our team in the FILDERHALLE. "

About theFILDERHALLEdemanding and innovative - this is how the design of the Stuttgart architectural office HPP presents itself. The new FILDERHALLE impresses with an exciting mix of wood and glass. The newly created 400 m² can either be used as a whole or divided into two to three separate areas by a mobile partition system. These are then available, for example, as breakout rooms or venues for both smaller and larger independent events. The glazed façade looking on to the city park gives the rooms a very special charm. Thus, FILDERHALLE will offer space for your event from 2019 on an attractive total area of 3,000 m².

Contact person
Nils Jakoby
Congress and Convention Centre
FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 61
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Telephone 0711 758575 0
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10th April 2019

Theme Events - Dive into fascinating worlds in FILDERHALLE!

Stuttgart, March 27, 2019. Oktoberfest, Wine Festival, Winter Landscapes or Las Vegas Feeling - Thanks to state-of-the-art event technology, customers will be able to travel to another world in the large hall of the FILDERHALLE. Through a specially designed 360° projection sýstem, various event themes can be presented. Be they concepts already developed by the FILDERHALLE or theme worlds individually adapted to customer requirements - you will experience something special in the FILDERHALLE!

Customer orientation and the urge to be able to offer a modern event venue on the Filder have always been the values that Nils Jakoby pursues. The managing director of FILDERHALLE is in lively dialogue with industry, he is a board member of degefest eV and is on the road at various industry events and fairs. Jakoby not only knows from his own experience, but also through the exchange with other industry colleagues, what customers expect in the implementation of evening events.

Theme events play an important role in today's event landscape. "Evening events are often determined by immersion in other worlds. Creative concepts either address social events such as Oktoberfest, wine festivals or Christmas celebrations or are specially developed for the company, either as part of a product presentation to underline a series of topics or to position the company's CI clearly on the premises," says Nils Jakoby, Managing Director of FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen. "State-of-the-art event technology can enable the implementation of these theme worlds. At FILDERHALLE, we not only have state-of-the-art event technology that can be used to implement theme worlds. Our team of trained event technicians is also here to help the customers to jointly design the theme events."

Single or quadruple projection - the right offer for every budget

For the implementation of the theme worlds, the main hall of the FILDERHALLE is suspended with white stage tulle. With laser projectors, subjects are then projected onto the fabric, allowing 360° projection.

In a simple projection one ửoks with only one projector, the remaining area is illuminated with Gobo projectors.

But also the use of fourfold projection is possible, with which four projectors images are projected onto the walls. In general, the 360° projection is a mixture of video and light projection, in which even moving pictures are possible.

Five theme events have already been developed in the FILDERHALLE. For these high-quality images are available, so that the topics are feasible immediately.

These are the topics:
- Oktoberfest
- Wine festival
- Mountain landscape
- Las Vegas
- Christmas / winter landscape

All other topics can be individually designed in consultation with the customer, so that corporate CI, marketing messages or product presentations can be visually integrated into the event.

Theme events: also the decoration and the catering must be consistent!

The theme worlds are supported by the other trades at the FILDERHALLE. In addition to a professional team of event technicians, the continuation of the concept awaits you with a theme-specific catering and an event decoration adapted to the occasion. By positioning the FILDERHALLE as a full-service location, the customer can thus be offered complete support in-house. A project manager stands by the customer for the implementation of a holistic event concept from the initial arrangements to the implementation of the event to pull all the strands together.

Thus, the FILDERHALLE team enables them to immerse themselves in other worlds and brings the fascinations from all over the world to Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

About theFILDERHALLEdemanding and innovative - this is how the design of the Stuttgart architectural office HPP presents itself. The new FILDERHALLE impresses with an exciting mix of wood and glass. The newly created 400 m² can either be used as a whole or divided into two to three separate areas by a mobile partition system. These are then available, for example, as breakout rooms or venues for both smaller and larger independent events. The glazed façade looking on to the city park gives the rooms a very special charm. Thus, FILDERHALLE will offer space for your event from 2019 on an attractive total area of 3,000 m².

Contact person
Nils Jakoby
Congress and Convention Centre
FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 61
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Telephone 0711 758575 0

Caption: Theme events in the FILDERHALLE: 360 degree projection in the main hall

Copyright: FILDERHALLE Leinfelden-Echterdingen
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10th April 2019


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