The stand number and the name on smaller stands can be seen by scrolling over the floorplan.
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Stand No: A180
Exhibitor: Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government Stand No: A200
Exhibitor: Philippine Tourism Promotions Board Stand No: A260
Exhibitor: China Wuzhen Tourism Co., Ltd. Stand No: A270
Exhibitor: Fairfest Media Ltd Stand No: A300
Exhibitor: Creative Travel  - India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives Stand No: A320
Exhibitor: The Indian Hotels Company Limited Stand No: A350
Exhibitor: Hong Kong International Airport Stand No: A360
Exhibitor: MICE China Stand No: A400
Exhibitor: INCON Stand No: A480
Exhibitor: Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau Stand No: A500
Exhibitor: ICCA - International Congress and Convention Association Stand No: B010
Exhibitor: Guatemala Ministry of Tourism - INGUAT Stand No: B020
Exhibitor: Aruba Tourism Authority Stand No: B100
Exhibitor: Mexico Stand No: B120
Exhibitor: Dominican Republic Tourist Board Stand No: B130
Exhibitor: Green Alligator Travel & Events AG Stand No: B133
Exhibitor: SENSES OF CUBA Stand No: B135
Exhibitor: Cuba - Fremdenverkehrsbuero Stand No: B140
Exhibitor: Palace Resorts Stand No: B142
Exhibitor: AIPC Stand No: B145
Exhibitor: Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc Stand No: B147
Exhibitor: Eventos Latinoamericanos - Latin American Events Stand No: B149
Exhibitor: Caribbean Tours AG Stand No: B150
Exhibitor: Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau Stand No: B160
Exhibitor: PROCOLOMBIA Stand No: B180
Exhibitor: SkyTeam Airline Alliance Management Stand No: B185
Exhibitor: VOQIN' (formerly events by tlc/Case Imagine) Stand No: B190
Exhibitor: LIZARD IncentEvents Stand No: B200
Exhibitor: Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau Stand No: B220
Exhibitor: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Stand No: B250
Exhibitor: Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute Stand No: B280
Exhibitor: Distant Frontiers Stand No: B285
Exhibitor: Sri Lanka Convention Bureau Stand No: B290
Exhibitor: Canada Business Events Stand No: B300
Exhibitor: India Tourism Stand No: B320
Exhibitor: Tourism Australia Stand No: B350
Exhibitor: Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong Stand No: B380
Exhibitor: Seoul Tourism Organisation Stand No: B385
Exhibitor: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Tourism Stand No: B400
Exhibitor: Japan National Tourism Organization Stand No: B480
Exhibitor: Korea Tourism Organization Stand No: B500
Exhibitor: World PCO Alliance Stand No: B505
Exhibitor: Terraverde Travel Stand No: B540
Exhibitor: Ministry of Tourism Indonesia Stand No: B560
Exhibitor: TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd Stand No: B580
Exhibitor: MICE Media Marketing Stand No: B600
Exhibitor: micebook Stand No: B620
Exhibitor: Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (SACEOS) Stand No: C010
Exhibitor: Abreu Events Portugal Stand No: C020
Exhibitor: Costa Rica Tourism Board Stand No: C100
Exhibitor: Brazilian Tourist Board - Embratur Stand No: C140
Exhibitor: Ceará Destination Stand No: C145
Exhibitor: Argentina-National Institute of Tourism Promotion Stand No: C150
Exhibitor: Uruguay Ministry of Tourism Stand No: C155
Exhibitor: Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Stand No: C160
Exhibitor: PromPeru Stand No: C165
Exhibitor: Choose Chicago Stand No: C180
Exhibitor: Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau Stand No: C220
Exhibitor: NYC & Company Stand No: C250
Exhibitor: Brand USA Stand No: C260
Exhibitor: Washington DC / Destination DC Stand No: C265
Exhibitor: ECG, Inc. Stand No: C270
Exhibitor: San Francisco Travel Association Stand No: C275
Exhibitor: SongDivision Stand No: C277
Exhibitor: Arc'teryx Equipment Stand No: C280
Exhibitor: Majunke International Sales Stand No: C300
Exhibitor: Tourism New Zealand Stand No: C320
Exhibitor: Slovenian Convention Bureau Stand No: C330
Exhibitor: China Top View Holiday MICE & E-Visa Stand No: C335
Exhibitor: Kuoni Destination Management Europe Stand No: C350
Exhibitor: Destination Asia Stand No: C355
Exhibitor: Zacchera Hotels Stand No: C360
Exhibitor: Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau / Singapore Tourism Board Stand No: C400
Exhibitor: Body and Soul International Stand No: C420
Exhibitor: Arc International Event Insurance Specialists Stand No: C425
Exhibitor: GES Stand No: C450
Exhibitor: Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Stand No: C460
Exhibitor: Beyond Limits Stand No: C470
Exhibitor: TMC Tourism Marketing Communication Stand No: C475
Exhibitor: TERRAEVENTS Stand No: C480
Exhibitor: Pacific World - Sales EMEA - Yago Fernández  - Nastassia Grassi Stand No: C500
Exhibitor: South Africa National Convention Bureau Stand No: C600
Exhibitor: Marriott Hotels International Stand No: C650
Exhibitor: Marriott International Luxury Brands Stand No: A370
Exhibitor: Germany Ltd. Stand No: D010
Exhibitor: Global DMC Partners Stand No: D020
Exhibitor: Serbia Convention Bureau Stand No: D100
Exhibitor: Visit Portugal Stand No: D120
Exhibitor: Conventions Malta Stand No: D200
Exhibitor: France Meeting and Convention Board (Atout France) Stand No: D210
Exhibitor: GL events Stand No: D220
Exhibitor: Air Charter Service Stand No: D225
Exhibitor: Uniqueworld Global DMCs Stand No: D240
Exhibitor: Israel Ministry of Tourism Stand No: D250
Exhibitor: Paris Convention Bureau Stand No: D300
Exhibitor: Greek Tourist Board Stand No: D320
Exhibitor: Madrid Convention Bureau Stand No: D330
Exhibitor: PCMA Stand No: D335
Exhibitor: Barcelona Convention Bureau Stand No: D360
Exhibitor: GDA Global DMC Alliance Stand No: D380
Exhibitor: Catalunya Convention Bureau Stand No: D400
Exhibitor: Italian National Tourist Board - ENIT Stand No: D420
Exhibitor: Eventing Milan Stand No: D425
Exhibitor: Liberty International Tourism Group Stand No: D450
Exhibitor: Republic of Cyprus - DMT Stand No: D500
Exhibitor: World of DMCs Stand No: D505
Exhibitor: Conference Matters Stand No: D520
Exhibitor: Morocco National Tourist  Board Stand No: D560
Exhibitor: Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority Stand No: D620
Exhibitor: Rwanda Convention Bureau Stand No: D625
Exhibitor: Uganda Convention Bureau Stand No: D630
Exhibitor: Jordan Convention Bureau Stand No: D650
Exhibitor: Kenyatta International Convention Centre Stand No: D655
Exhibitor: United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa Stand No: D657
Exhibitor: Meet and Travel Mag Stand No: D660
Exhibitor: Arusha  International Conference Centre Stand No: D670
Exhibitor: Egyptian Tourism Authority Stand No: D670
Exhibitor: Egyptian Tourism Authority Stand No: D675
Exhibitor: memo-media Verlags-GmbH Stand No: D680
Exhibitor: Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority Stand No: D685
Exhibitor: Abbit Meeting Innovators Stand No: D700
Exhibitor: fielddrive Stand No: D720
Exhibitor: Stand No: D725
Exhibitor: Community Brands Event Tech Stand No: D730
Exhibitor: Interprefy Stand No: D732
Exhibitor: EventsAIR Stand No: D735
Exhibitor: JMarquardt Technologies GmbH Stand No: D740
Exhibitor: AKKUMAT GmbH Stand No: D745
Exhibitor: TECHKnowledge Stand No: D760
Exhibitor: Meetingbox Stand No: D765
Exhibitor: Ungerboeck Stand No: D767
Exhibitor: B2Match GmbH Stand No: D777
Exhibitor: Meeting Design Institute Stand No: D780
Exhibitor: Boomset, Inc. Stand No: D790
Exhibitor: Technology Pavilion Stand No: E010
Exhibitor: Luxembourg for Tourism Stand No: E100
Exhibitor: Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions Stand No: E120
Exhibitor: VISIT FLANDERS Convention Bureau for Flanders & Brussels (Belgium) Stand No: E130
Exhibitor: Belgium - Stand No: E140
Exhibitor: Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau Stand No: E160
Exhibitor: Austrian National Tourist Office Stand No: E200
Exhibitor: Monaco Convention Bureau Stand No: E240
Exhibitor: Azerbaijan Convention Bureau Stand No: E242
Exhibitor: Team Andaluces Stand No: E245
Exhibitor: H10 Hotels Stand No: E250
Exhibitor: TA DMC Portugal Stand No: E260
Exhibitor: Mallorca Tourist Board Stand No: E280
Exhibitor: Canary Islands Tourist Board Stand No: E300
Exhibitor: Spanish Tourist Board Stand No: E400
Exhibitor: General Consulat of Turkey (Cultural Attache) Stand No: E430
Exhibitor: TAILOR MADE CONSULTING Stand No: E450
Exhibitor: Cvent/CrowdCompass Stand No: E455
Exhibitor: Conference & Incentive Travel Stand No: E460
Exhibitor: Hard Rock International Stand No: E480
Exhibitor: Wedgewood DMC Group Stand No: E500
Exhibitor: Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing Stand No: E520
Exhibitor: Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi Stand No: E600
Exhibitor: Qatar National Tourism Council Stand No: E620
Exhibitor: Oman Convention Bureau Stand No: E630
Exhibitor: Brand Your Shoes SL Stand No: E640
Exhibitor: Evenium Stand No: E650
Exhibitor: NUNTIO Audio-Video Solutions GmbH Stand No: E660
Exhibitor: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Stand No: E670
Exhibitor: Aventri Stand No: E675
Exhibitor: B-COM by PSiDEO Stand No: E680
Exhibitor: IHG Stand No: E700
Exhibitor: Attendify Stand No: E760
Exhibitor: EventMobi Stand No: E765
Exhibitor: DIGIVENTS Stand No: E770
Exhibitor: Europalco Stand No: E775
Exhibitor: Eventbuizz - The Event App Company Stand No: E780
Exhibitor: COVR / NETROPOLIX Stand No: E790
Exhibitor: Stand No: F010
Exhibitor: DB Vertrieb GmbH Stand No: F020
Exhibitor: Stuttgart Convention Bureau Stand No: F030
Exhibitor: KÖLNDÜSSELDORF - The Meetropolis Stand No: F100
Exhibitor: GCB German Convention Bureau e. V. Stand No: F110
Exhibitor: Frankfurt Convention Bureau Stand No: F150
Exhibitor: Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH Stand No: F160
Exhibitor: Dresden Marketing GmbH / Dresden Convention Bureau Stand No: F200
Exhibitor: Swedish Network of Convention Bureaus Stand No: F220
Exhibitor: Visit Norway (Norway Convention Bureau) Stand No: F230
Exhibitor: Iceland - Meet in Reykjavik Stand No: F240
Exhibitor: Faroe Islands Tourist Board Stand No: F245
Exhibitor: Iceland Group Stand No: F250
Exhibitor: Finland Convention Bureau Stand No: F260
Exhibitor: Business Events Denmark Stand No: F265
Exhibitor: Estonian Tourist Board Stand No: F270
Exhibitor: Air Charter - Hunt & Palmer Stand No: F274
Exhibitor: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia Stand No: F280
Exhibitor: Lithuania Travel Stand No: F290
Exhibitor: Slovak Convention Bureau, Slovakia Stand No: F300
Exhibitor: Croatian National Tourist Board Stand No: F310
Exhibitor: Visit Scotland Stand No: F320
Exhibitor: Hungarian Tourism Agency & Hungarian Convention Bureau Stand No: F330
Exhibitor: Montenegro Convention Bureau Stand No: F335
Exhibitor: Bulgaria - Ministry of Tourism Stand No: F340
Exhibitor: VisitEngland Stand No: F350
Exhibitor: Visit Wales Stand No: F360
Exhibitor: The Ned Stand No: F365
Exhibitor: Township Bags Stand No: F375
Exhibitor: Kyiv Tourism Board Stand No: F390
Exhibitor: Venues of Excellence (VoE) Stand No: F400
Exhibitor: London Convention Bureau Stand No: F420
Exhibitor: Meet in Ireland Stand No: F425
Exhibitor: Make Happen - for corporate buyers who want a CREATIVE MICE, Incentive & Conference production agency - UK based with global & local partners Stand No: F430
Exhibitor: Dorint Hotels & Resorts Stand No: F480
Exhibitor: Corinthia Hotels Limited Stand No: F500
Exhibitor: Preferred Hotels & Resorts Stand No: F520
Exhibitor: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Stand No: F525
Exhibitor: Deutsche Hospitality Stand No: F530
Exhibitor: The Leading Hotels of the World Stand No: F550
Exhibitor: Dorchester Collection Stand No: F555
Exhibitor: Shangri-La Group Stand No: F556
Exhibitor: ROOTS Mice Platform, S.L. Stand No: F560
Exhibitor: Barcelo Hotel Group Stand No: F565
Exhibitor: Titanic Hotels Stand No: F580
Exhibitor: Kempinski Hotels Stand No: F600
Exhibitor: Radisson Hotel Group Stand No: F610
Exhibitor: Melia Hotels International Stand No: F620
Exhibitor: Accor Worldwide Stand No: F630
Exhibitor: Vienna House Global Sales Office - Tobias Bauer Stand No: F640
Exhibitor: Worldhotels Stand No: F660
Exhibitor: NH Hotel Group S.A. Stand No: F662
Exhibitor: Leonardo Hotels Group Stand No: F665
Exhibitor: AZIMUT Hotels Stand No: F667
Exhibitor: EventBranche NL Stand No: F670
Exhibitor: Associated Luxury Hotels International - ALHI Stand No: F680
Exhibitor: Northstar Meetings Group Stand No: F700
Exhibitor: Warwick Hotels and Resorts Stand No: F705
Exhibitor: SANA Hotels Stand No: F720
Exhibitor: Maritim Hotels Stand No: F725
Exhibitor: CAT Media Stand No: F727
Exhibitor: VDVO/ Germanys Leading Association of Event and Meeting Organisers Stand No: F730
Exhibitor: H-Hotels AG Stand No: F750
Exhibitor: SITE Stand No: G010
Exhibitor: Bonn Region Convention Bureau Stand No: G020
Exhibitor: World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) Stand No: G030
Exhibitor: Events Magazine, Germany Stand No: G100
Exhibitor: Hamburg Convention Bureau Stand No: G110
Exhibitor: Autostadt GmbH Stand No: G111
Exhibitor: AMC Institute Stand No: G112
Exhibitor: ICJ Marketing - MICE - Luxury - Golf Stand No: G115
Exhibitor: VOYAGES & STRATEGIE Stand No: G116
Exhibitor: EVINTRA Stand No: G118
Exhibitor: IAEE - International Association for Exhibition and Events Stand No: G120
Exhibitor: mep Fachzeitschrift fürs MICE-Business Stand No: G125
Exhibitor: Events Industry Council Stand No: G130
Exhibitor: darmstadtium - Darmstadt Stand No: G135
Exhibitor: Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH Stand No: G140
Exhibitor: Maesse Marketing Consulting Ltd. Stand No: G145
Exhibitor: EVVC - European Association of Event Centres Stand No: G150
Exhibitor: NürnbergConvention Stand No: G155
Exhibitor: degefest - Verband der Kongress- und Seminarwirtschaft e.V. Stand No: G157
Exhibitor: CPO HANSER SERVICE GmbH Stand No: G160
Exhibitor: Munich Convention Bureau Stand No: G170
Exhibitor: Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH: tw tagungswirtschaft/tp tagungsplaner/Biz Travel Stand No: G180
Exhibitor: Convention Wiesbaden Stand No: G185
Exhibitor: Chapman Freeborn Airchartering Stand No: G200
Exhibitor: TCC Network GmbH Stand No: G212
Exhibitor: Skål International Stand No: G214
Exhibitor: Boardroom magazine Stand No: G216
Exhibitor: ZEUS EventTech Stand No: G218
Exhibitor: BEA WORLD FESTIVAL Stand No: G220
Exhibitor: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Stand No: G230
Exhibitor: Air Partner plc Stand No: G232
Exhibitor: eTurboNews & International Council of Tourism Partners Stand No: G235
Exhibitor: DMC-COLLECTION.COM Stand No: G240
Exhibitor: i'way Stand No: G245
Exhibitor: Outsourced Events Stand No: G260
Exhibitor: Georgian National Tourism Administration Stand No: G280
Exhibitor: Romanian Ministry of Tourism Stand No: G300
Exhibitor: CzechTourism - Czech Convention Bureau Stand No: G312
Exhibitor: destinations UNLIMITED Stand No: G314
Exhibitor: Tourism Insider Stand No: G316
Exhibitor: IAPCO - International Association of Professional Congress Organisers Stand No: G318
Exhibitor: Kongres Magazine Stand No: G320
Exhibitor: WATA Global DMC Network Stand No: G330
Exhibitor: Astana Convention Bureau Stand No: G340
Exhibitor: Russian Convention Bureau Stand No: G360
Exhibitor: Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau Stand No: G400
Exhibitor: Gdansk Convention Bureau Stand No: G405
Exhibitor: Tsar Events RUSSIA DMC & PCO,  a HOSTS Global Member Stand No: G407
Exhibitor: Headquarters Magazine & MIM Magazine Stand No: G410
Exhibitor: Mash Media Group Ltd Stand No: G412
Exhibitor: Convention International Stand No: G415
Exhibitor: Grupo eventoplus Stand No: G416
Exhibitor: MPI Stand No: G440
Exhibitor: Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau Stand No: G450
Exhibitor: IACC Stand No: G455
Exhibitor: ECM - European Cities Marketing Stand No: G460
Exhibitor: Belmond Global Stand No: G480
Exhibitor: MPI - Meeting Professionals International Stand No: G500
Exhibitor: Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Stand No: G520
Exhibitor: Royal Caribbean International Stand No: G522
Exhibitor: Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises & Norwegian Cruise Line Stand No: G528
Exhibitor: eGroup Communications Inc. Stand No: G530
Exhibitor: PURE Connections Stand No: G540
Exhibitor: Silversea  Cruises LTD Stand No: G560
Exhibitor: The Peninsula Hotels Stand No: G565
Exhibitor: Moulden Marketing Ltd Stand No: G570
Exhibitor: Nobu Hotels Stand No: G580
Exhibitor: Robinson Club GmbH Stand No: G600
Exhibitor: Hilton Worldwide Sales Stand No: G620
Exhibitor: euromic - the power of local knowledge Stand No: G650
Exhibitor: bnetwork Stand No: G660
Exhibitor: Maritz Global Events Stand No: G680
Exhibitor: STR proMICE GmbH & co. KG Stand No: G682
Exhibitor: Union of International Associations (UIA) Stand No: G684
Exhibitor: Sixt Ride Stand No: G685
Exhibitor: Eurostars Hotel Company

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